Oktoberfest Zinzinnait Sept 17 - Copy.jpeg

High Energy Fun Loving Party Combo providing an Amazing Surprising Experience.

This band is a Wolf in Sheep's clothing. They come packing a serious punch. It is an all-out mental
ambush! Upon seeing them one might think, “Oh, I see an Accordion, that is interesting.”
There might be some preconceived ideas of what a Band with an Accordion sounds like, but when the
first song starts, shock sets in. As if an explosive ordinance detonates. But in a wonderful way!

Meet the Members of the Band


Aaron Northcutt

Guitar * Vocals * Arranger

Excellent virtuosity with the Guitar. Bringing a solid hard rock metal edge to the performance.

Dave Mackey


He keeps the pulse groovingand brings a fantastic feel and heartbeat to the Band.

Gerhard Albinus

Accordionist, Bassist, Singer, Songwriter, Band Leader.

Plays music with forward grooving attitude.  The sound and tone moves one to dance.

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