Electronic Press Kit

Origin: Hamilton, Ohio

Genres: Rock, Disco, New Wave, Alternative

Years Active:  2018- Present

Label:  Unsigned

Website: http://www.gerhardalbinus.com

Short Bio
The trio first performed together August 11, 2018 for a local Humane Society fundraiser, "Ales for Tails" in Hamilton, Ohio at Municipal Brew Works. They knew of each other well before hand. This event provided the catalyst to launch their musical union.


A fantastic chemistry exists among them that leads to a unique and addictive sound.


Each member brings many years of professional experience. All are seasoned musicians that have been through highs and lows of the craft.


Liz after run.jpg

That’s how I would describe Gerhard and his band. Their wide array of genres performed exemplifies the massive talent each member has. 

On point, in tune, and upbeat, they deliver unmatched energy and enthusiasm like none other in the music industry.

- Liz Lowery,    Cincinnati, Ohio

Katie Staunton.jpg
I'm sorry I'm not going to lie. My music taste is all over the place. I used to tell people that I love all genres of music, except for polka. Then I had the pleasure of not only serving you that night [Saturday July 10, 2020], but watching you perform as well, and you definitely changed my mind!!
You're a very talented musician and it was an experience I will never forget ☺️ if I have never thanked you for it, please forgive me. But I would definitely come see you again as soon as I can ☺️
-Katie Staunton, Hamilton, Ohio
Lauren with Gerhard at The Liberty Inn Feb
We had so much fun at Liberty inn last night!
Gerhard’s band totally rocks!!!
-Lauren Armentrout,  Cincinnati, Ohio

There are two original songs, The Light and X3.  Both are still being worked on befor release.

Attention: Songs 3, 4, and 5. These are very raw unedited fan phone created audio recordings.
These were made live in the various venues with background noise and not ideal musical instrument balance. It gives a general idea of the feel and energy.