Instruments Played in addition to their Voices


Aaron Northcutt

Guitar & Arrangements


The Guitar is an American made by Suhr Modern.
The Strings are made by Joy String. This Guitar has a whammy bar.
The audio output is fed into a Line 6 Helix digital guitar amp simulator.

This allows for fantastic tone at all levels, from the quietest to the loudest.

If he wants a “marshall stack” or a “fender twin reverb”, he can obtain that tone within a moment’s notice.


Walter Piper



Performing on a variety of Drums and Drum sets at his disposal. Depending on the venue.


Ty Holiday

Electric Bass Guitar, Upright String Bass, Synthesizer, & Vocals


Most often Electric Bass Guitar is used exclusively, but on some occasions an Upright String Bass and/or a self built Synthesizer is also employed.
This adds a great deal of variety to the show.

Electric Bass Guitars

The main two basses are a:

  1. Fender Jazz V with Aguilar pickups

  2. Ibanez GSR 6 String, both with NYXL strings.

They run into either an Ampeg SCR-DI or a Fender Rumble 500, depending on the requirements of the venue.

Upright String Bass / Contra Bass

  • Brand - Christopher

  • Pickup - piezo (brand unknown), that Ty Holiday modified with a wired in an on/off guitar switch.

  • Strings - brand and age are unknown. These were obtained cheap from a drummer who had no info on it.


  • M Audio 61 key Keystation (haven't used live yet)

  • Roland XP10 modeled synthesizer.


Midi Keyboard Controllers

A 37 key keyboard and a 13 key foot pedal salvaged from an 80s Kimball organ and using Teensy brand microcontrollers as the brains. Unfortunately not velocity sensitive - yet! The coding took Ty months to learn and write, taking advice from other C++ coders online.

Midi Foot controller

Brand/model - Keith McMillin 12 step*Special - can play single notes or full chords with a quick adjustment of the program.



  1. Various VSTs being utilized through a VST loader into a Focusrite Scarlett.

  2. Notable VSTs //Triple Cheese bass synth, Lounge Lizard electric piano (Rhoads and Wurlitzer emulator), Minimogue (emulated MiniMoog) synth, Zebralette synth, Dexed synth (Yamaha DX7 emulator), Surge synth




Gerhard Albinus

Accordion, Vocals, sometimes Synthesizer Bass


He plays two different Accordion brands, a Giulietti Artist Series and a Borsini Vienna 11. They are both full range chromatic piano accordions. The Giulietti has internal microphones were the Borsini requires external micing.
Each Accordion had a modification installed. On the lefthand button side, the octave bass notes have been wired to output MIDI Data. This allows another instrument to be played at the same time as the accordion.
This other instrument, Yamaha TX81Z is used to simulate an Electric Bass Guitar.

This other instrument, an FM Rack Module MIDI Synthesizer is the Yamaha TX81Z, that is used to simulate an Electric Bass Guitar.
The Yamaha TX81Z's Bass Sound was a staple on many Pop Music Hits in the 1980s.